The Attorney Client Relationship

Most of my clients are new to working with an attorney and have questions about what that means.  

The relationship between an attorney and their client is subject to laws, professional rules, ethical considerations and often contract law.  It is a lot of different sources of authority for information about how a relationship is supposed to work and it can be intimidating.

My job as an attorney is to help you make the choice you would want to make if you had access to the same information I do.  To make that happen we have a lot of regulations that protect the information clients give attorneys and regulations that try protect clients interests from things like conflicts with other clients.

Which sounds like a lot to keep in mind, but these are my duties, they don't fall on my clients.  For you the goal is to have a solid relationship where you feel like I give you information, listen to what you want and I am honest with you.  

If ever think I have fallen short let me know if you are comfortable, I really am grateful to know when I am not doing enough.  I am always happy to try to find you another lawyer if we are not a good fit.  If you think I have done something dangerous or unethical report me to the bar.