So How Do You Make Money?

Hands on what appears to be a restaurant check

Hands on what appears to be a restaurant check


So How do you make money?

Good question!  Modern consumers understand that business models matter.

I make money because my supporting clients pay me monthly to be available to them and then they tip when they use my services.

Those are my only income streams because I want my practice to be about the people I am serving.


Yep, I take tips.  Traditionally legal services are billed at an hourly rate, but that is a lot of overhead and it doesn't really have anything to do with the value to the client.  I could try to do everything on a quote a fee basis, but that is hard when you are not doing a narrow range of things and it puts the estimate of value in my hands.  

In the end I decided to turn over the issue to my clients.  I do give them some guidelines, but in the end they are in the best place to put a value on the time they saved, the money they didn't spend or the headache that they don't have to have.  I ask that they think about sharing about half of this value with me. 

It isn't traditional, but I am much more comfortable when my clients get to make the call on what it is worth and the trust is on my part.