Who do you call when the problem is law?
Think big. Start Smol.


Have you ever wished you could just ask your attorney friend?
Except you don't have one or they tell you to find someone else.
I am that person you are trying to talk to about your problem. 

What I Do:

I am a primary care attorney.
My goal is to help you navigate the legal system and answer your questions.
I will tell you how to solve your problem, help you solve your problem, or help you find someone who can. 
I will try to address any non-criminal legal issue and if I don't have the expertise I will refer you.

What It Costs:
$50 for a simple personal question, usually about 15 minutes
$75 for a simple business question.  I do charge more for business questions to keep my personal question rate more affordable, but if you can't pay this book a personal session instead.  

If you can't afford these rates please consider calling the Q Law clinic where I and other attorneys offer a similar service for free.

If I do legal work for you beyond this we will discuss and agree to a price before anything happens.  To give you an idea of what that might look like my usual rate is about $100 a page for documents.

How to Get Advice:
To make an appointment go to my appointments page and select a time.
I can meet with you via skype, secure text, the phone, by exchanging emails or at my Fremont Location.  I charge a little more to travel.
If you have privacy concerns, need other options or a different time email me and we can work something out.

How to Contact me:


Phone: 206-452-3865
Mail: 1517 12th Avenue, Suite 101 Seattle, WA 98122